Thermawall Plus Cladding

The ThermaWallPlus® insulation core is made from high quality Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) pre-finished with an enhanced coating system and reinforced with fibreglass mesh for strength.

The EPS used is treated with Perform Guard®, an inorganic material that is a deterrent to termites. It provides fully integrated protection for the life of the external wall cladding products used in a building's construction. It is not a surface additive.

How the insulation works

Heat flow is restricted from passing through the panels by trapped air. Temperatures are more easily controlled as heat does not readily escape or enter. The wall cladding , together with the completed wall render built in accordance with the Installation Manual, meets the Bush Fire Attach Level (BAL) 29 which offers peace of mind. 


The insulating core is reinforced with the fiberglass enhanced surface coating technology, providing strength and impact resistance against everyday backyard knocks.

ThermaWallPlus® has been developed and made in Australia by RMAX specifically for Australian conditions and building codes in all states. It is manufactured in RMAX plants under controlled production processes to maintain consistent quality. Australian made building products support the industry and help build a more vibrant economy that benefits all Australians.

Polystyrene (EPS) insulation is practical, economic and efficient and can be applied to all areas of building construction - ceilings, roofs, walls, floors and under slab - to provide superior standards of thermal insulation. That's why EPS is the ultimate insulation.

The closed cell technology of this remarkable product allows EPS insulation to cut building energy use and CO2 emissions by up to 50%.

The insulation performance lasts the life of the structure and does not deteriorate. It continues to reduce building energy requirements and emissions long into the future.

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